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Children and Young People

Read about living with a different appearance and learn techniques to handle various situations.

Building Your Confidence

What is in this guide? Helpful skills when you are out and about, tools to help you think, act and talk confidently and examples of things to try out and practice over time

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Looking different

What is in this guide? Information about looking different, the world’s idea of beauty and how other people might act.

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Feeling different

What is in this guide? Why do people act the way they do? How this might make you feel and tips and advice to help and support you

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Finding out

This guide will help you to find out more about what has happened to you, learn more about your condition, find out what treatments there are and feel more confident when talking about your condition to others

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When teasing becomes bullying

This guide will help you to understand more about bullying and learn how to deal with it

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