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We offer a wide range of Self-Help for adults, families and young people learn new techniques to handle living with an unusual appearance.

This includes advice on how to live with confidence, enjoy healthy relationships, prepare for school, handle bullying and feel confident about seeking work.

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Changing Faces provides expert counselling, advice, and resources to people affected by disfigurement helping them feel good about themselves in a world where looks seem to count for so much. Changing Faces has empowered me and I’m now a strong advocate of their Face Equality campaign which fights to change public attitude towards those affected by a disfigurement.


Which are you?

Child or young person

I would like to say that I may look different but that doesn’t mean I can’t live a full and happy life. Whitney Houston once sang: “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”. In my case, this has been difficult but at this stage in my life, I feel that I am almost there.


If you would like to see the research and evidence underpinning the information in this area, please email support@changingfaces.org.uk