Changing Faces supports people who have any condition or injury that affects their appearance, anywhere in the UK.

Find out about your visible difference

Being well-informed about your condition, mark or scar may help you to better understand, cope or manage your visible difference. Having knowledge can assist in making treatment decisions and feeling more in control of what is happening to you.

It can also be useful when you are talking about your appearance to other people.

Sometimes medical jargon can be confusing and it can feel like a lot to take in when you talk to a health professional. Understanding the ins and outs of your visible difference and what may happen in the future can feel overwhelming, especially when discussing treatment and deciding what is right for you.

It can be helpful to prepare for appointments in advance and think about a list of questions to ask, to ensure you get the answers you need. Changing Faces is not a medical organisation and cannot advise you medically about your condition or treatment. However, we can talk this through with you and help you to think about a list of questions. You might also like to do some research to find out more about your condition and treatments. The NHS Choices website has information about conditions and treatments and making the most of your appointment.