Changing Faces supports people who have any condition or injury that affects their appearance, anywhere in the UK

Advice & Support

Call us 10am-4pm Monday to Friday on 0300 012 0275
Calls to our 0300 number cost the same as a call to any landline

Email us by filling out our online Contact Form
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We offer

  • brief and confidential advice and information
  • information about Changing Faces and the services we offer
  • the opportunity to get in touch with a Changing Faces Practitioner
  • information about other organisations

If you are a Health Professional looking to refer a patient, please download this form and send to

Self-help guides

Discover our free self-help guides for adults, children and families

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Changing Faces Practitioners

Changing Faces Practitioners provide confidential emotional support, information and advice. They can help you

  • find out more about your condition and treatments
  • develop a more positive attitude
  • cope with your feelings better, by giving you time to talk things through and supporting you to grow in confidence
  • learn about others’ experiences and exchange information, thoughts and ideas
  • manage other people’s reactions by discussing techniques to handle everyday situations like staring, questions and comments.

Your contact with a Changing Faces Practitioner might be a one-off session, or may be more ongoing (two to six sessions, perhaps more) – it depends on what you want and what you need.

Sessions can be held

  • face-to-face at one of our centres, based in London or Sheffield
  • over the phone or via Skype
  • by email

Find out more about living with a condition that affects your appearance.

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Other organisations that can provide support.