An International Women’s Day message from our CEO, Becky Hewitt

From our clients to campaigners, from our wellbeing practitioners to volunteers, we’re paying tribute to the dedicated and compassionate women who support Changing Faces.

This week, ahead of International Women’s Day, we’ve been sharing the incredible stories of some of the amazing women in our Changing Faces community who speak out to challenge discrimination and change the way people see visible difference.

Women with a visible difference regularly experience harassment: our research shows they are much more likely to be verbally abused in the street compared to men. And the impact can be huge. One in four women say they feel anxious when they go out and over half say they have lost confidence because of how they are treated. We are determined to change this.

Becky Hewitt, Changing Faces CEO

Becky Hewitt, Changing Faces CEO

Pretty much everything we do at Changing Faces relies on the dedication, compassion, courage and talent of amazing women. From the ambassadors and campaigners who share their experiences and stories so openly and honestly, to our dedicated skin camouflage volunteers who make a difference to so many people. From our wellbeing practitioners who provide care and support to people every day, to our trustees who give us their valuable time and expertise.

From the clients who pick up the phone to us for the first time, or reach out to someone with kindness and solidarity on our online forum, to the women throughout our team who work so hard and so skilfully to make sure Changing Faces can be there for people when they need us. From our supporters who run, cycle and sing to raise money, to the friends, family, and mentors who encourage and support us behind the scenes.

They are Changing Faces.

As a working mum of two daughters I also know that many of us are juggling commitments to our families, professional development, friends, volunteering and much more. Sometimes that can feel overwhelming. But I find taking a moment to feel grateful for the amazing women around me helps me to find my motivation and energy. I know what a huge privilege it is to have these women in my life.

Pretty much everything we do at Changing Faces relies on the dedication, compassion, courage and talent of amazing women.

Becky Hewitt, Changing Faces CEO

So, from all of us at Changing Faces, thank you for everything you do to support us. Your hard work and dedication to fighting for equality is making a difference to people’s lives and we could not do it without you.

For International Women’s Day, we want to hear all about the achievements you’re celebrating and the amazing successes of the important women in your lives. Share yours on social media and make sure to tag us #IWD2020.

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