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Volunteer Opportunity: Face Equality Campaign Assistant

Volunteer Opportunity- Face Equality Campaign Assistant
ben_20102016v6At Changing Faces we know that looking and feeling different in a society where appearance is valued very highly can be extremely difficult – particularly for young people who are under such pressure to look ‘perfect’.  There are 86,000 children of school age in the UK today with a disfigurement. Our research shows that almost half of young people with visible differences are bullied about their appearance at school.

Children with disfigurements rarely have the chance to see role models who look like them. In the films they watch and books they read scarring or looking unusual are too often shorthand for evil and villainy. Young people are being brought up in a world that tells them how they look is the most important thing about them. They are sold shockingly narrow portrayals of beauty where diversity of any kind is all too rare. This is wrong.

Children who look different face many difficult challenges and at Changing Faces we believe that now is the time to change it.

This year we are launching a new campaign to support a year of transformational change and actions specifically for children and young people with visible differences across the UK: Proud to be Me -The Future of Face Equality. Changing Faces is planning a year-long campaign to challenge perceptions, build knowledge and understanding of the issues, and support young people on their journeys through to adulthood: offering them the support they need, when they need it. Our vision is a society that truly values difference, so that everyone can live confident and happy lives.

Face Equality Day 2018: The Future of Face Equality

We will launch our year of action of Face Equality Day – May 23rd 2018 – the very first specifically for young people. Face Equality Day is the key focus point across the UK for everyone working with people with a visible difference. It is the UK’s only campaign to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally whatever the appearance of their face or body. This special day will start a year of action

Role Summary

This role is designed to give someone the opportunity to gain skills and experiences in campaigning for an important issue within a charity. Face Equality is the flagship campaign by Changing Faces in order to bring about a society which respects those who have a visible difference caused by a scar, mark or condition. This role will be crucial in ensuring the campaign is well supported and comprehensive.

Role Description

The Face Equality Campaign Volunteers role is to support the Face Equality campaign team through the delivery of a range of tasks as well as being able to develop new skills.

The Face Equality Campaign Volunteer will support the team with:


  • Support delivery of the Face Equality campaigns which effectively promotes Changing Faces aims and increases the profile of the organisation
  • Work closely with the Project Manager & Campaigns Officer on key campaign activity
  • Work effectively to plan and deliver events for campaigns and policy as required
  • Identify key audiences to engage with for campaigns and public affairs work
  • Produce strong, accurate briefing and promotional materials to further the Face Equality campaign, for both internal and external consumption
  • Write articles and blogs for both internal and external use, and work with the media team to secure opportunities to highlight Face Equality’s campaigns work
  • Coordinate the distribution of campaign material to supporters.


Hours: Min 7 hours per week.

Time commitment: February 2018 – June 2018

Location: London, Edinburgh or Glasgow

Expenses: £0. Out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.

To apply for this unique volunteering opportunity please click here to fill in our volunteer form.

Further information via contact:

Rob Murray, Project Manager; or 0770 373 2233.

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