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Thank you for referring your patient for skin camouflage

Thank you for completing our webform to request an appointment for your patient with our Skin Camouflage Service.

You will shortly receive email confirmation from us that you can keep for your records. Please check your spam or junk folders just in case it has gone there by mistake.

Please see below for guidance on referrals in England and Scotland.

What happens next?

Your patient will receive an email confirming that you have referred them to our Skin Camouflage Service. We will ask them to fill in a form so that we can complete their referral. They must fill in this form before we can offer them an appointment.

We will be in touch with them again as soon as we are able to offer them an appointment.

While your patient waits for an appointment, we will share resources to support them. These include video tutorials to help them apply products at home and some alternatives to our Skin Camouflage Service.

If your patient is struggling with the emotional impact of their condition, mark or scar, the wellbeing team can help. They can be contacted using the Support and Information Line.

Questions about the service

If you have any questions about pur Skin Camouflage Service, please contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 0300 012 0276.

Resources for your patients

How to apply skin camouflage makeup

This video series explains how to apply skin camouflage creams at home, but also contains tips on how to get the best coverage with high-street makeup.

Advice & guidance

This section provides self-help guidance for adults and young people living with a visible difference, as well as for parents of children who look different.