Whatever event you want to organise, we'll support you every step of the way

Organise Your Own Event

Changing Faces supporters have trekked hundreds of miles through China, been sponsored to sleep rough on the streets of London, and eaten a banana for the first time, all to raise funds. Others have organised barbeques, cake bakes, raffles and many other fun events to raise money.

Our staff and volunteers are always excited and interested to hear of your fundraising ideas and we will support you with your event or challenge as best we can. We have a team of professional fundraisers who can help you organise and plan your fundraising for Changing Faces. Get in touch and they’ll be happy to help!

To get yourself started, check out our Face Equality Fundraising Pack which has lots of fun ideas and information on how to manage your fundraising. 

England, Wales & Northern Ireland 
Email fundraising@changingfaces.org.uk or call 020 7391 9284 Ext. 214.

Email katie.mullen@changingfaces.org.uk or call 0141 559 5028