Run, walk or wheel 2.5 miles for Face Equality!

On Friday 26th May, we are celebrating Face Equality Day! This is the first time we’ve had a Face Equality Day in the UK, and we have created the day to enable us to increase awareness of Face Equality, the campaign to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally whatever the appearance of their face or body.

It is also Changing Faces’ 25th Birthday so we are asking our supporters to get involved by running, walking or wheeling 2.5 miles. The starting pistols go off at 9am on Monday 22nd May and you have till Midnight on Sunday 28th May to complete your 2.5 miles. This can be done anywhere; on a treadmill in a gym, outdoors using a tracking app or even at a local park run!

All you need to do to take part is donate £10 and we will send you a butterfly transfer which you can wear whilst you are doing your 2.5 miles. Next, send us “proof” of your run once you have completed it. You can do this by sending us a photo of your treadmill’s screen, your fitbit screen, your running app, park run time etc. as long as it shows the time and the distance. We will then send you a certificate for completing your 2.5 miles.

If you would like to go the extra mile and get sponsored by friends and family, get in touch!