Prescription Queries

My GP has not heard of Changing Faces or the Skin Camouflage Service

– Please direct your GP to our website, or we could speak with them instead if they wanted information about the service and what we do. We are happy to send further information as necessary.

– This service was started in 1975 by the NHS and the British Red Cross and has been run by Changing Faces since 2011

My GP or pharmacist can’t find the product on their system

– More clarity around the product name can help solve this issue. Double-check the Prescription Request Form for full names of product and correct size and brand.

– You or your health professional can give us a call for more information.

– 0300 012 0276 and

I have been told the products are not available on prescription

– All of the products in our practitioner’s kits that they would recommend for prescription are certainly available on prescription

– It is also possible to confirm this with the product companies themselves. Full contact details for them are available on the Skin Camouflage section of the website

– The BNF states that ‘disfigurement of the skin can be very distressing to patients and may have a marked psychological effect. In skilled hands, or with experience, camouflage cosmetics can be very effective in concealing scars and birthmarks. The depigmented patches in vitiligo are also very disfiguring and camouflage creams are of great value’

– The products ‘are regarded as drugs when prescribed for postoperative scars and other deformities and as an adjunctive therapy in the relief of emotional disturbances due to disfiguring skin disease’

My GP thinks they are not allowed to prescribe the products

– The support of the GP is essential, and the prescribing of the products is at their discretion. It is their decision as to whether you get the support you need. They are possibly restricted by their Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), but may be able to prescribe the products regardless

I have been told my GP won't prescribe the products

– The products are very cost-effective – they cost very little to prescribe, last a long time and provide a one-time solution that reduces significant follow-up appointment times and costs

– Meeting or talking with your GP to discuss your reasons for wishing to use Skin Camouflage products can be very useful. It is worth remembering that in many cases your GP has referred you for the appointment or initial referral to a specialist who did, and obtaining your prescription is simply the last stage in the referral process.