Changing Faces provides information on third party skin camouflage providers

Private clinics

There are a number of private providers of skin camouflage around the UK, where you would have to pay for your appointment and any camouflage products.

Changing Faces provides information on these providers but does not endorse any private provider.

Many beauty therapists around the country practice skin camouflage. You may wish to search on the internet for ‘skin camouflage’ in your local area.

Please note, Changing Faces cannot guarantee the quality of any other skin camouflage services offered by others – and we recommend you try to find an appropriate clinic through us.

However, if the Changing Faces service is not available in your area, or you would like to pay to be seen more quickly, or you wish to refer yourself rather than be referred via a health professional, the above may give you access to a skin camouflage practitioner.