For someone living with scarring or a skin condition that affects their appearance and confidence, specialist camouflage products offer a way to cope. Our service helps individuals to gain self-confidence and independence.

Skin Camouflage Creams and Powders

Our Skin Camouflage Practitioners use a selection of products from Dermacolor, Veil, Covermark, Keromask and Vichy Dermablend to provide the best colour match and most effective coverage for each person’s specific requirements.

Our Skin camouflage Practitioners carry over 140 shades of cream and 10 tinted powders from the 5 brands above.

After your free consultation (which will last between 45 minutes and an hour), your Skin Camouflage Practitioner will give you a ‘Prescription Request Form’ for your matched cream and powder which are available on the NHS prescriptions list (except Dermablend).

You can take this to your GP who can issue a prescription that is then taken to a pharmacy. However, Changing Faces cannot guarantee that your GP will give you a prescription.

Click here for some more information if you have difficulties having your products prescribed.

Your practitioner will also give you an advice slip that records your cream and powder colours and also other products that you will find useful in recreating the application that you have been shown.

If you prefer to buy the products directly, we can supply the distributor’s details.

Helpful Hints

  • Your Skin Camouflage Practitioner may recommend certain sunscreens for use with the camouflage products. If you use a non-recommended sunscreen you will need to test its compatibility with the camouflage creams.
  • It is possible to apply a more liquid foundation over the top of the camouflage creams by applying lightly with a foundation brush or sponge. Mineral powder foundations are not compatible due to their method of application.
  • When properly applied and set, camouflage products will last all day on the face and between 2-3 days on the body.
  • Skin camouflage products are water-proof once set properly and you can swim and shower with them on. When drying gently pat the area and avoid rubbing.
  • Where straps or clothing is in contact with the skin a fixing spray can help prevent products from staining clothes. Fabric stain removal products can help to lift stains if this should happen.