Lucy, 21 years old

Lucy was born with Treacher Collins, which meant that she had no cheekbones, no ears and no jaw. When she was young she was fed through a tube in her stomach and had an oxygen tube to help her breathe for eight years. Growing up in Glasgow, Lucy had a tight knit family group and went to the same school for many years.

lucy01I have never let how I look and people’s reaction get to me”, she says, “my mum hates it when people stare but I’m just like ‘oh well that’s their problem’. The only time it really upset me was when we were picking up my little brother and I was in the car and noticed a group of teenagers videoing me and taking photos. Even as the car moved off, they followed us and carried on taking photos. I was twelve years old and it really got to me.”

Over the years Lucy has had many operations but when she hit sixteen she decided that she had had enough and refused to go through with any more surgery. “I don’t want to change the way I look, my friends and family know me like this and I’m comfortable with it.”

Lucy is in her final year at university in Aberdeen and will shortly start applying for jobs in marketing. She has a very active social life and although she tries to ignore the negative reactions from people on the street or from people who are under the influence of alcohol and not quite aware of what they are doing. 

“I believe the only thing my appearance is holding me back from is relationships as it’s true people do judge a book by its cover. My friends are all at the stage in their lives where dating is a big part, and sometimes I feel it would be nice to be able to experience the same however it is only one element of life and I’ve got plenty of things to keep me busy and wonderful friends.”