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SchoolchildrenGroupCan you influence what happens in schools? If you are between 7 and 19 years old and have a condition, injury, illness or mark that affects the appearance of your face or body, then Yes You Can!

Please spend a few minutes doing our school survey. Does school get you down, or does it build your confidence? Maybe lessons are great but school buses are scary. Maybe lunchtimes are fun but crowded corridors between lessons feel unsafe. We need to know about your experience of your school. What do your school and your teachers do well? What needs to improve? Please tell us!

Last year we developed resources for schools that can make whole classes of children much more positive and less judgemental about appearance and difference.

Your answers will shape our future schools work and help us tell the government what they’re getting right in schools and what they need to do differently.

School matters. Your experience of school is important. Have your say!

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