Our lesson plans can help you introduce face equality into your teaching

English (KS3) - Face Equality Teaching Resources

Two lessons designed to promote positive attitudes and behaviours towards people with disfigurements using skills and activities relevant to English.

You can see the full scheme of work, lesson plans and links to the National Curriculum in our teacher booklet.

Alternatively, you can access the resources for each individual lesson by clicking on the links below:

Lesson 1: Disfigurement and language: how do words affect and reflect our attitudes?
PowerPoint – Disfigurement and language
Handout – Positive language and disfigurement
Handout – People cards

Lesson 2: How can we promote positive behaviours towards people with disfigurements?
PowerPoint – Promoting positive behaviours
Handout – Extract from Face by Benjamin Zephaniah
Handout – Becoming disfigurement confident