Every year, over 540,000 people in the UK are estimated to acquire a disfiguring condition to their face, hands or body – from birth.

Inset, CPD and Consultancy

Research has shown that providing young people with effective social skills in schools raises self-esteem, reduces bullying and increases confidence in communicating with people who are visibly different.

Equalities legislation and the best educational aims require all schools to:

  • Enable any pupil with a visible difference to enjoy and achieve at school, socially as well as educationally.
  • Promote positive attitudes towards people with disfigurements among all pupils and staff.

Changing Faces offers a wide range of introductory and specialist training for all educational professionals. We use extensively researched and evaluated approaches which equip participants with the skills and knowledge to be confident in their interactions with people with disfigurement, as well supporting individual children and implementing whole school strategies.

New training days will be announced soon.

We also offered tailored whole day, half-day and twilight CPD and INSET to meet the needs of your staff.

If you would like to speak to Changing Faces to discuss  education training please contact 0345 450 0275 or email info@changingfaces.org.uk.