We know that the bullying of children with unusual appearances is all too common

emPowering friends

  • School should be a nice place and a safe place for everyone
  • Hang out with me at breaks and lunchtimes, to and from school, on the school bus…
  • Walk with me between lessons
  • If someone’s giving me a hard time, come over or call me and say “Let’s go somewhere else”
  • It may look like banter or a joke and I may be hiding the way it hurts my feelings, but check me out – smiling when you’re hurting is not healthy
  • You smiling when I’m hurting isn’t healthy either. There are better ways to have fun
  • If someone objects to sitting next to me in class, invite me over to sit next to you, or come and sit next to me
  • If you see me being bullied always tell a teacher – every time
  • If you overhear a hurtful remark or notice something disrespectful, don’t ignore it, tell a teacher
  • If it’s a bad text, a hurtful tweet or an unkind facebook or Instagram comment, don’t tell me or send it to me – tell a teacher, or click the report button on social media
  • Let’s plan something nice for sometime over the weekend.


Photograph: Marcus and friends, photographed by Christopher Thomond for The Guardian