We want government to bring social media companies together to tackle abuse

New government ‘must act’ on social media abuse

Changing Faces has called for ‘urgent’ government action to tackle abuse on social media.

In a letter to Karen Bradley, reappointed at the weekend as Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, the Chief Executive of Changing Faces Dr James Partridge has asked for a meeting to discuss the shocking findings from a recent report published by the charity.

The report Disfigurement in the UK, published on Face Equality Day last month, highlighted how 96% of respondents to Changing Faces’ research said they had seen a meme or other social media post that mocked disfigurement. Of those who had reported such a post to a social media company, none had had their complaint upheld.

In his letter, Dr Partridge said that this showed “a dereliction of duty on the part of social media companies to keep their users safe”.

Changing Faces is asking the Secretary of State to facilitate a round-table meeting with ministers and representatives of social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter.


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