A new brand for Changing Faces will help us to reach more people

A new look for Changing Faces

Changing Faces, the national charity that helps people with a disfigurement to live the life they want, has today launched a new look, alongside a new website and promotional materials.

The charity spent more than a year working with staff, clients, volunteers, trustees and other key stakeholders to develop a new brand that speaks to the change they seek. At the heart of the new brand is the charity’s new vision: to create an enlightened society that fully accepts and values people who have a disfigurement.

Chief Executive of Changing Faces, Dr James Partridge OBE, said:

As we approach Changing Faces’ 25th birthday in 2017, it’s important that we are reaching as many people as possible. Our ambition is for the face equality campaign to become a movement for change, and our new brand readies us to reach out to new audiences and further our campaign.

Chair of Changing Faces, David Clayton, said:

We are caring campaigners, and at the heart of our new brand are the people we care and campaign for. On our website, publications and social media channels, we have beautiful, positive images of Changing Faces champions living life to the full – powerfully demonstrating the change that we can create. I am very excited about our new brand and look forward to seeing it develop.

The new brand includes a butterfly marque. Dr Partridge said:

Around the world, people see the butterfly as symbolising endurance, change, hope and life. We believe this makes it an appropriate choice for our charity, but ours has some distinct differences. The bright geometric and asymmetrical design is counter-cultural, deliberately at odds with a butterfly’s natural patterns. It’s unexpected but attractive; it’s dynamic and engaging. Everything about it makes it stand out.

It’s part of a simple but bold brand system, that allows us to intuitively create a range of vibrant, life affirming expressions. It reinforces our ability to be an organisation capable of showing warmth, energy, positivity and strength.

The rebranding project has been supported financially by L’Oréal UK, the Santander Foundation, and with pro-bono support from BT and Yakub Merchant. Our brand consultant was Geoff Dodds and our designer was Nigel Hillier.

For further information, please contact the PR & Communications Team or call 0345 450 0275.

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