National Inclusion Week: 23 – 29 September 2019

4 ways employers can help people with a visible difference

Many people with a visible difference feel excluded at work because of the way they look. According to our My Visible Difference report, over a third (34%) of people who identify as having a visible difference say that their employer has not been effective in preventing discrimination against them in the workplace.

To mark National Inclusion Week this week, here are four ways employers can help people with a visible difference:

Read our new guide to help employers improve their recruitment processes for people with a visible difference

This guide will prepare recruiters and interviewers to provide a fair and equal recruitment process when an applicant or candidate has a scar, mark or condition which affects their appearance.

It outlines legal considerations and will help you ensure good practices can be adopted throughout your organisation.

We’ve also produced a guide for jobseekers which looks at similar questions and concerns from their perspective.

See the new employer’s guide here.

Download the My Visible Difference In The Workplace resource pack

Millions of people across the UK identify as having a visible difference such as a mark, scar or condition that affects their appearance. While we have seen some positive changes, many people with a disfigurement still face isolation, discrimination and hostility. By getting people talking about looking different in the workplace, we can break down stereotypes, improve relationships, and take the stigma out of something that affects us all.

This pack has tips, ideas and resources to help get your workplace involved and start the conversation. Download the Workplace Resource Pack here.

Take the Face Equality test

Every one of us has ‘unconscious bias’, where we hold less favourable ideas about certain groups of people. Implicit Attitudes Tests, developed by social psychologists at Harvard University, can be used to test levels of bias.

Take The Face Equality Test here.


Sign Pledge To Be Seen

It’s time for people with visible differences to be seen and heard. That’s why we’re calling on companies and brands to sign up to #PledgeToBeSeen to represent more people with a visible difference in their campaigns over the next year.

We want people who look different to be represented across mainstream culture and to have the freedom to express themselves. We want everyone to have a real choice when it comes to the brands they buy and the companies their work for, and to see themselves reflected in both advertising and the workplace.

Read more about Pledge To Be Seen and how you can sign up here.

Are you an employee with a visible difference?

If you feel discriminated against at work because of your visible difference, or work is making you feel anxious because of how you look, head over to our new Self-Help Materials where we have a series on coping with your visible difference at work: Self-Help for Adults.

Applying for Jobs

Building Confidence to Work

Going to a Job Interview

Managing Challenges in the Workplace


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