Be Funny for Face Equality

Thank you so much for your interest in taking part in “Be Funny for Face Equality” to raise funds for Changing Faces. For more information on the event itself, please contact our Public Fundraising Officer by emailing:, or phone: 0207 3919279.

As this event is organised by the charity, we ask that each participant raises a minimum of £200 in sponsorship (we’ll support you to do this!) and pays a £100 administration fee. This ensures that more of the money you raise goes towards supporting those with visible differences and disfigurements in U.K.

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A brief description of your connections to our charity or your reason for participating in this event really helps with fundraising!
(This ensures that more of the money you raise will be used directly to support people with a visible difference or disfigurement in the UK).
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- My image may be used for a period of five years by Changing Faces after which time Changing Faces will offer me the opportunity to renew or withdraw further consent. This consent will apply throughout the world.

- My image may also be used by Changing Faces in their charity literature and promotional/fundraising work, on the charity's websites and in selected exhibitions. I understand that Changing Faces will notify me of this usage where possible.

Your answer to this question will not affect your eligibility to participate.