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Psycho-social rehabilitation in burn care

Changing Faces and the London and South East Burn Network have worked closely to develop a teaching pack so all staff in burns units and centres can receive training appropriate to their role in understanding the psycho-social aspect of living with burns.

This training pack has been developed to enable a suitably qualified and experienced member of staff to train other individuals in the provision of psycho-social care within a burns unit or centre.

The pack has been piloted in five burn centres in the UK with excellent results. It is now being used in the the four London and the South East Burn Network centres to deliver training to staff. The Network have now kindly agreed to make the pack available to other UK burn networks and centres allowing a valuable resource to be shared.

A resource pack covering care of the adult patient was made available to all UK networks in 2011. Another resource pack covering care of children, young people and their families was made available to all UK networks in 2012. For more information on both resource packs click here.

For more information about the project or to enquire about receiving a copy of the training resources for your setting, please email info@changingfaces.org.uk or call us on 0345 450 0275.