We can provide consultancy services throughout the UK


Changing Faces works with health and social care professionals to support them in delivering adequate psycho-social care to patients with disfigurements.

The right psycho-social support at the right time not only reduces the distress experienced by patients; it also significantly reduces the risk of developing psychological problems later in life.

People with disfigurements, like people with other disabilities, are much more likely to develop psychological problems than people without disfigurements.

This must be addressed by having high quality services in place that meet their psycho-social needs, so health inequalities are reduced.

Our ‘Look At Me‘ campaign focuses on better and more information for patients; increasing awareness amongst health and social care professionals; improving access to psycho-social therapies and improving the quality of psycho-social therapies.

Needs assessments

Our staff can help you to assess the psycho-social needs of your patients, to improve existing services or develop new services. Every health and social care setting is different; services are provided differently in different parts of the country and may be commissioned differently. To adequately assess the needs of your patients you may need tailored advice from our policy adviser, who have the experience and expertise to help you improve your practice.

At Changing Faces, we use a variety of psychological assessment tools and are able to advise professionals on which tools are most adequate depending on the medical circumstances.

In addition, we offer advice on how to build a business case for improving care as well as providing advice on how to improve services. Our input depends on the exact circumstances of your healthcare setting; every setting is different and the provision of psychological care depends on the specific care pathways. We also offer resources, including evidence to help you design or improve services. Resources are downloadable from our website or can be sent to you by post.

For more information on our consultancy and policy services please contact info@changingfaces.org.uk, or call 0345 450 0275.