Every year, over 540,000 people in the UK are estimated to acquire a disfiguring condition to their face, hands or body – from birth.

Supporting a child aged 3-6 years with

Each section provides information and practical ideas so that you can approach the challenge of disfigurement knowledgeably, sensitively and effectively.

Start with the introduction to help get the best out of the Guide sections.

1. Starting early years.
2. Working with parents and siblings.

3. Working collaboratively with other professionals.
4. Working inclusively with groups.
5. Having something to say.
6. Building self-esteem.
7. Practical support with social skills.
8. Self-expression.
9. Teasing, name-calling and bullying.
10. Addressing speech and language difficulties.
11. Choosing and using resources.
12. Moving on to junior school.

The complete guide can also be purchased from the charity for £10.00. This includes the introduction, all twelve sections and a copy of ‘Facing Changes’, a booklet which explores and debunks many of the myths and stereotypes often associated with disfigurement. If you would like to buy this, or any other resources for teachers and education professionals, please see our resource catalogue.

If you would like further advice about supporting a pupil or student with a disfigurement please contact us at info@changingfaces.org.uk.