Teachers and education professionals can help children face disfigurement with confidence

Face Equality Workshops in Scotland

From our research with 1,500 young people aged 7-17 years in 2018, we found that fewer than 1 in 3 young people in the UK said they would be friends with someone with a disfigurement.

Our Youth Engagement Officer in Scotland offers interactive Face Equality workshops addressing the issue of appearance-related bullying through videos, discussions, and case studies. The aim of the session is to promote inclusion and respect for those who have a visible difference through critical thinking and empathy. Appropriate for children and young people aged 5-25 years, the session is adaptable for a range of needs and is suitable for schools and youth groups.

For more information please email Luisa – luisa.brown@changingfaces.org.uk

Here are some quotes from children aged 10-11 who have taken part in our workshops:

I thought the talk was very moving. It taught me what to do in tough situations

I learned a lot from your visit and found it really inspirational. Now I know that if I stare at someone all I have to do is smile

I particularly enjoyed the balloon activity where we found out each other’s differences, including our own

I am very thankful you taught us what to say to people with a visible difference, because I’ve never been sure in case they are insecure and I hurt their feelings”