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Thank you for completing Changing Faces’ survey about services available for people with visible differences.

We wanted to tell you a bit more about what we do here at Changing Faces and how we may be able to help your patients.

About Changing Faces

Changing Faces is the UK’s leading charity for everyone with a scar, mark or condition on their face or body which makes them look different. We offer a range of virtual and online wellbeing services and a wide selection of online self-help resources across the UK, and provide a Skin Camouflage Service for people in England and Scotland. We also campaign to raise awareness of visible differences and to end prejudice, discrimination and hate against people who look different.

Find out more about what we do.

Our services

Wellbeing services

We offer a wide range of wellbeing services to support the psychological wellbeing and mental health of people affected by visible differences. This includes one-to-one counselling and wellbeing support, an online Peer Group Chat Service via Zoom or webchat, a discussion forum and workshops for young people and their families.

Take a look at our dedicated information for health professionals to find out more about our services and how to refer a patient.

Self-help resources

We have a range of advice and guidance articles to help your patients manage various aspects of life with a visible difference. We cover topics including mental health, confidence and self-esteem and coping with other people’s reactions as well as working with a visible difference and relationships and dating. We also have resources especially for young people and parents, carers and families.

Please feel free to signpost your patients to our self-help guides.

Condition-specific information

We have a selection of condition-specific resources which introduce individual conditions which can affect the appearance. Each page provides an overview of the condition, its causes and possible treatments, as well as the psychological and social impacts changes to the appearance may have. We outline the services and support we offer here at Changing Faces and signpost condition-specific organisations people can access for specialist support.

Please do make use of our condition-specific resources and signpost your patients to them.

Skin Camouflage Service

Skin camouflage is the use of highly pigmented creams and powders to help match skin affected by scars and non-infectious conditions to the surrounding area. It is suitable for many marks, scars and conditions but cannot be applied to infected, inflamed or broken skin and does not alter the skin’s texture. We currently offer free appointments to patients in England and Scotland through our Skin Camouflage Service appointments. We do not currently offer appointments in Wales.

Find out more about our Skin Camouflage Service.

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