Children celebrate body positivity

Children celebrate body positivity

We’re thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Alopecia UK to launch Paint Positive, an exhibition at The Arthouse in Sheffield, showcasing inspiring artworks created by the children we both support.

The exhibition features artwork developed at recent Paint Positive workshops that help the children and young people attending feel good about themselves and their bodies through a series of inspiring and artistic activities.

Julie Carr, Senior Practitioner, Changing Faces said: “We are very proud of the children and the artwork they have created. The young people who have taken part in the Paint Positive workshops too often experience bullying and staring because of their appearance. This exhibition is a celebration of who they are – both inside and out and is a recognition of the importance of seeing difference as a positive experience. We’re delighted that health professionals from across the region, as well as the Lord Mayor have also been able to attend the exhibition.”

Research undertaken earlier this year as part of our My Visible Difference report found that one in three people felt depressed, sad or anxious as a result of having a visible difference.

Julie Carr continued: “Our children and young people service is about giving individuals the tools to cope with what life throws at them both now and when they are adults. We want our clients to feel confident about themselves, develop resilience and experience the life they want to live. Our service offers one-to-one support, as well as fun workshops where children can meet other young people who look different.”



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