Changing Faces in running for Scottish Diversity Award

Changing Faces in running for Scottish Diversity Award

After a productive year of knocking on the door of prejudice and discrimination, Changing Faces has been nominated for ‘Organisation of the Year’ in the inaugural Scottish Diversity Awards. The nomination has come about through a public vote and will see the winner announced later this month.

This award comes in a year when Changing Faces launched its first Face Equality Day seeing thousands of Scots and people from across the UK campaign for a fairer society for those with a disfigurement. As well as this, the charity developed a new customer service training tool with SpecSavers to help retailers become more welcoming and sensitive in their interactions with people who have a disfigurement.

In May, for the first Face Equality Day, Changing Faces published ground-breaking research on the everyday lives of people who have a visible difference. Events took place across Scotland, with buildings such as the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh lighting up. During the day Changing Faces received the support of individuals, schools, colleges, organisations, public bodies and companies through signing the Pledge for Face Equality and wearing a butterfly tattoo for the day.

Changing Faces has taken its campaign to the very top of Scottish Government with party leaders, including the First Minister and Cabinet Ministers supporting the campaign for Face Equality.

After receiving news of the nomination, Scotland Manager, Rob Murray said: “We are delighted the good people of Scotland have nominated us for this award – it is a massive vote of confidence to the team and our champions.

“Whilst we have had a busy year campaigning for Face Equality there is still so much to do. Our research, published in May, highlights that this is one of the most pressing campaigns for social justice and equality of our time. We must work together so our children can grow up in a society where looking different is not a negative but something to be embraced.

“This nomination is a step in recognising our work to date, however, I am hopeful in years to come our work won’t be needed as we would have achieved Face Equality… after all… ‘We are all Jock Tamsons bairns.”


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