Save the date... 23rd May 2018: Face Equality Day.

Changing Faces launch Face Equality Day 2018

We are delighted that this year’s Face Equality Day on the 23rd May will launch a year of campaigning and actions specifically for children and young people with visible differences across the UK: Proud to be Me -The Future of Face Equality. We would love you to get involved and show your support.

We are delighted that this year’s special day is being launched by one of our champions- Ryan Booth.

Our research, shows that almost half of young people who look different are bullied about their appearance at school. The vast majority – nearly 90% – say their primary school did not succeed in stopping the bullying.

We will be announcing new research on Face Equality Day that gives a unique insight into how young people feel about their appearance, their experience of appearance related bullying and what they feel needs to change to truly achieve face equality.

As part of a range of activities we are delighted that Vlogger and baking ace Nikki Lilly will be one of our Champions for this year’s Face Equality Day.

For more information and to find out ways to get involved please click here.


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