We help young people with an unusual appearance face life with confidence

Further Information for Young People

Find out about other services that can help you live a full life with a condition or injury that affects your appearance.

Call us 10am-4pm Monday to Friday on 0300 012 0275
Calls to our 0300 number cost the same as a call to any landline

Email us by filling out our online Contact Form
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Building your confidence

Read about living with a condition or injury that affects your appearance and learn ways to handle different situations.

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Connect with other young people and keep up to date by liking the iFace page on Facebook

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Come to a Workshop

Meet other people who have similar experiences. Learn new skills and feel more confident about managing some of the challenges of living with a condition or injury that affects your appearance. And have some fun!

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FAQs about our services

Answers to common questions about what Changing Faces offers.

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If you are under 16 years old, we may need to get in touch with your parents / carers first before receiving our Support or Skin Cam Services or joining the Young Person’s Council.

If Changing Faces believes that anyone, including a young person, is at risk or is likely to harm themselves or someone else, we have a duty to inform other people who can help.

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Other organisations

Contact other organisations for further support or information.

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Life stories

Read about other people’s experiences and how they have dealt with their personal situation.

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