My Image Tool

The way someone looks may be one of the first things we notice about them… but it’s not the only thing we notice.

Ok, looks are part of it, maybe, but, even then, it is our whole look that says something about us… what type of things we wear… how we do our hair… what colour clothes we like… This is called an ‘image’

You can use your image to feel confident and show other people who you really are.

Try out different styles, colours, hairstyles, clothes, bags, jewellery, hats, make-up, accessories, nails, and so on… there are so many ways you can show your own unique style.

It’s not about money or brands either. It’s thinking about all the different parts of your appearance to make sure you:

  • Feel comfortable
  • Feel confident and good about yourself
  • Express your personality
  • Have respect for yourself

It works both ways too… if you look good you will feel good… and if you feel good, you will look good.

Try this…

Imagine you are going to a party. Draw or write a list of all the parts of the outfit you want to wear and the style you want to have. Label or describe each part to say why you like it.

Now think of some other situations and imagine how you might style yourself for them.

In time, you will build a style for yourself which makes you feel confident in lots of situations.

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