The motto tool

Find short sentence that makes you feel confident and good about yourself to be your ‘motto’. Once you have settled on something that works for you, repeat it over and over inside your head.

You’ll find your own motto – to help you get started, try these out:

I can do this!

There’s more to me than how i look

My friends think I’m really great / clever / fun / talented- and I am!

I am unique and proud of myself

I have overcome many challenges. I am a strong person

I’m ok and I will show other people I am ok

Mottos work best if lots of other people don’t know about them. So, it’s best to only discuss your motto with those very close to you, like your family or best friend.

Give it a go:

Imagine you are at the checkout in a supermarket with your family. You notice some children behind you staring. You start to feel embarrassed.

Think of a motto to use in this situation. Write it down in a notepad or tablet.

Think of some other situations and try different mottos out. In time, you will find one or two that you are comfortable with and that work for you in lots of places.

You might also like to look at the My Image tool or Seeing my good points tool

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