How can I relax?

When people feel worried and anxious, finding ways to relax can be important to help with this. So how can you relax?

Create a comfortable place to relax in

When you feel worried, it can help to have a nice, comfy place to relax. Find somewhere away from noise and other people. Put things in this space that make you feel calm and happy, like a favourite bear or toy, a poster or pictures, some cushions – whatever helps you feel nice. When you feel worried it can help sometimes to take yourself to this space in the house and relax around your favourite things.

Relaxation exercises

Some people use relaxation exercises to help them feel calmer. You might want to ask someone to practice a relaxation exercise with you the first time you try it.


  • Take a slow breath in, while counting to three in your head
  • Then a slow breath out counting to three
  • Do this until you notice your body feels more comfortable

Calm place

  • Lie down, close your eyes and think about a place where you feel really calm and happy. This might be a beach, or some woods, or a favourite place.
  • Imagine this place is quiet and you are just looking around at everything
  • Stay there in your head until you feel calmer.

There are lots of relaxation apps and videos you can try if you want to practice more. Ask your parent or carer to help you find these if you’re not sure where to look. 


Lots of people who feel worried struggle with sleeping well. Sleep helps us to feel better and calmer. There are things you can try to help you sleep. 

  • Where you go to sleep needs to be calm, warm and comfortable – somewhere you can relax
  • If you are worried about going to bed, speak to your mum or dad or carer – they will be able to talk it through with you
  • Avoid screens (phones, tablets, laptops) for at least an hour before you go to sleep. Their blue light can make it harder to go to sleep. 
  • Try not to worry about sleeping – try and relax in bed or read a book

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