What is self care?

Self care is taking an active role in the practice of improving your own health and protecting your own wellbeing. This can be especially beneficial in times of stress and worry when our physical, mental and emotional welfare might be affected.

Who is self care for?

Self care can be used by everyone and is very important to our general wellbeing. The pressures of work and daily life can add up, often leaving us with little time to care for ourselves in positive and healthy ways. It is important to practice self care to help you deal with the challenges you may face in life. It is also vital if you are supporting others such as children, partners, family and friends. It is especially important if you or others you care about are going through a difficult time, as this can take its toll. All too often, we put the care of others before ourselves, but if we aren’t in good physical and emotional health ourselves, it is hard to find the energy and head space to care for others.

Why should I practice self care?

Self care encourages healthy behaviours which can help prevent ill health in the long term, in both mental and physical terms. We might feel selfish taking some time for ourselves’ however it is essential for us to replenish and refuel from the things that take our energy both mentally, physically and emotionally. When we have a cold it might seem obvious to go back to bed and drink plenty of fluids, as this is advice we are familiar with. However, when strains are put on our health in less obvious ways, it can be difficult to know what action to take and give ourselves permission to take a break.

Signs you might need to practice more self care

  • You generally put the needs of others before your own
  • You are always doing something for someone else
  • You are feeling tired or lack energy
  • Your mood has become low
  • You worry a lot or feel anxious
  • Your schedule or ‘to-do’ list doesn’t reflect your priorities and leaves little time for things you enjoy
  • You find it hard to relax
  • You have difficulty sleeping or feel unrefreshed after sleep
  • You feel you have to do everything yourself
  • You’ve not spent time with friends for a while
  • You can’t remember the last time you had fun
  • You avoid social situations

There are some easy and simple things you can do to take more care of yourself and give yourself a break. See more about this in Practicing Self Care and Creating a Personal Self Care Plan

Practicing self-care


Creating a personalised self-care plan


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