The Motto Tool

Identifying a personal ‘motto’ can help give you a quick confidence boost – this is a short phrase that you can say to yourself to help you to feel more confident.

It might feel strange or a bit silly or odd to do this at first, and you might not believe it straight away, but some people do find this a quick and easy way of reassuring themselves.

Try saying to yourself, ‘I am strong’.
How does it feel? Does it hold meaning for you? Obviously it is important to find words that you believe about yourself, but it may be worth considering that you are most likely hard on yourself (we all are as a general rule) and not used to hearing your inner voice saying something positive about you very often. However, if you kept saying it, you may find it works.

It is hard to change how we feel about ourselves; we are often our own harshest critics, but it is important to be kind to ourselves. And if we find phrases that may help with this, we may start to believe the kind things we are saying. This is called ‘positive self-talk’. Don’t expect this to happen overnight, but a little practice each day will get you into the habit of doing this.

You’ll find your own motto – think about what works for you. To help you get started, try some of these for size:

I can do this

There’s more to me than just how I look

My friends think I am funny / talented / clever / great / fun

I am unique and great just as I am

I am strong

I am proud of myself and who I am

I’m ok and will show others I’m ok

I’m happy to be me

Mottos are usually very personal – however, it might be helpful to discuss it with someone close to you and perhaps ask them to suggest different mottos you can use. Often other people see us differently to the way we see ourselves.

Try out using a motto in this example. Imagine you are at the supermarket. You notice the person behind you staring and start to feel anxious and embarrassed. Think of of a short phrase that might help you, like, ‘It is ok; I am ok’, ‘I do not need to be embarrassed’, ‘I am a good person’. Note this down and try it out for real next time you are in a challenging situation.

Think of some other situations. You might like to try out different mottos out in different situations – until you find one or two that you are comfortable with. In time, these will spring to mind more easily and help you to feel more confident.

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