Our Strategic Vision sets out what we want to achieve, and the Annual Plan how we will achieve this.

Strategic Vision 2018-2021

2018/19 is the first year of our new Strategic Plan. Our ambition is to transform our charity so that we can have the greatest possible impact – always keeping the voices of people affected by visible difference at the heart of our approach. We know there are thousands more people who need our help, so we won’t stop until everyone with a visible difference has the confidence, support and opportunity to live the lives they want

Our new Strategic Plan is based on four themes:

A highly efficient and effective organization:

We will build a values-focussed culture of learning, accountability and high-performance. We will have a transparent and effective governance structure, and build a working environment that encourages learning and innovation.  We will prioritize and evaluate what is critical to our success and report regularly and transparently our performance. We will build our digital vision, skills, culture and capability.

The voice of those with a visible difference:

We are determined to empower people affected by visible difference to tell their stories and be heard.  We will raise awareness of the reality of living with visible difference, change attitudes and challenge prejudice.  We will be an expert on the issues affecting people with visible differences and use our evidence to secure positive social change.

The leading provider of service innovation for those with a visible difference:

We know that we must have a highly effective and evidence-informed continuum of support services from basic information and signposting through to specialised forms of support, delivered via a variety of channels.  We will innovate, evaluate impact and demonstrate excellence in our services – based on an in-depth understanding of our service users’ needs.  We will increase the reach of services through effective use of digital. And we will use our evidence and expertise to inspire and influence best practice in psychosocial support for those with a visible difference.

Achieving long term financial sustainability:

Without financial security we cannot do any of the things we want to do.  We will manage our finances responsibly and ensure there is predictability and sustained growth in our funding.

Our Vision:  Our ambition is to create an enlightened society, which fully accepts and values people who have a visible difference.

Our Purpose:  Help  people who have a visible difference find a way to live the lives they want.

Our Values:  Equality   Confidence   Unity    Rigour

Our Strategic Plan sets out how we will work towards our Strategic Vision over 2018 to 2021. You can download the Annual Plan for 2019-20 here.