Aged 11-18?

If you are 11-18 yrs old and have a visible difference, it can feel like there’s a lot to deal with sometimes.

"My friends are talking about lipgloss or which boy they fancy and I'm trying to get my head around my next operation."

"It's difficult to know what to do when people stare at me or ask about my birthmark but talking to someone at Changing Faces about it really helped."

If you have a visible difference, Changing Faces can listen and help you with your concerns, whether its other people's reactions, your treatment, going to uni, getting a part-time job, changing schools or anything else. 

If you are the sister or brother or friend of someone who has a visible difference, you are also welcome to contact Changing Faces to get ideas for ways you can support your friend/brother/sister or talk through your own feelings about their visible difference.

Here’s how to get in touch:

1. Send an email: and we will reply to you by email.

2. Meet us face to face. Appointments at our office in London are available during the day. You need to get in touch by phone or email and speak to us before an appointment can be made for you.

3. Phone us. Call 0845 4500 275 or 0207 391 9282 and explain to the person answering the phone that you’d like to speak to someone in the Children and Young People’s Service about a personal matter. You will be put through to a member of the Children and Young People's Service. If no one is available, leave your number and a message with the days and times that are best to call you and we will call you back.